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Stories That Need To Be Told

Stories of successful black people prove that they can rise even with the odds against them. An image of a successful minority is important for people to see because it does away with stereotypes, and it helps people get comfortable with the idea that a leader is not always white. That is why the stories of successful minorities matter.

Telling these stories wouldn't be hard for anyone. Anything from the story of a local teacher to Augustus Straker would count. It is not difficult to find stories of successful minorities, the hard part is getting institutions to invest in those stories.

The stories of white people, both good and bad, are celebrated and met with positive reception. But, white people are not overwhelmed with negative images and stereotypes about their ethnicity. Imagine in a hypothetical world, the only portrayals white children grew up with were those of Vito Corleone, Walter White, and James Conway. For those that don't know, they are famous gangsters from movies and TV shows. Imagine if that was the only image.

Imagine if Albert Einstein was never talked about, or Nikola Tesla. Imagine if Al Capone, White Boy Rick, and other similar gangsters were the only major stories done on white people in the news. Imagine if white children were only encouraged to look up to Tom Brady and Cristian Ronaldo, but never beyond them. Unbalanced portrayals are all a lot of minorities see. It is easy to imagine how an individual might develop a skewed view of a certain group if negative images are the only thing portrayed in the media.

Plenty of people are willing to speak up on the behalf of minorities. Finding the story or it's audience is not hard. Plenty of people look specifically for stories of minority representation. Diversity has a market.

Truthfully, the story of minorities will get told one way or another. The goal is to make sure they get out. News institutions are always looking for a competitive edge, why not give people what they are looking for?

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