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Reflection on Poverty

Poverty is something most people can't beat alone. is designed to give people a perspective about poverty that they can't get without being there. The choices the game lets you make simulates the experiences people with poverty have.

The way it works is this: you start with 1000 dollars. The game offers choices for you to make with that money to stay afloat. The game ends when you run out. It is meant to simulate how poverty affects people in everyday life.

It is quite appalling to see what all accompanies people stuck in unfortunate situations. So many stereotypes bog them down, and so many of them want to escape their situation at all costs.People in certain situations have to face adversity on all levels, and it is enough to make someone want to crack.

The media represents this issue in many ways, some correct and others incorrect. It really depends on the audience, for some organizations. Poverty is often misrepresented as solely being certain groups, and often times, the stereotypical stories are all that get told. The goal of future journalists should be to break the mold.

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