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Israel Conflicts

The tragedy of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is that both sides are not heard equally. The United States has been one of the biggest supporters of Israel since the beginning. The U.S.A aided in the creation of Israel, has given massive amounts of aid to Israel, and has maintained amicable relations with Israel. The same can't be said for Palestine.

The images of Palestinians shown are often of a lower nature. Not low because the Palestinians are low, but low because only the worst imagery is shown. The images of Palestinians broadcasted are images of either people too weak to fight, or people too irrational to be reasoned with. The media bias against the Palestinians causes a lot of harm and no good whatsoever.

Alternative new sources are often seen as the keys to getting the perspective of Palestinians. "Fringe" sites, news-sources, and media seems to be the only place where honest portrayals of Palestinians can be found. The mainstream media won't report on the Palestinian viewpoints.

Overall, American influence in the Middle East is horrific at best and destructive at it's worst. The American agendas for oil have played a huge role in the lack of peace the region is longing for. The U.S.A in particular tends to go above and beyond with meddling, even going so far as starting wars. The Middle East is important for corporate interests. The conflicts tend to work as a double edged sword: the United States can keep the enemies of Israel at bay while controlling natural resources in the area.

The key to peace in the Middle East is for the United States to get out. Sovereign nations cannot behave as sovereign nations under the threat of violence. The region is locked in war because the U.S.A has helped to instigate problems since the beginning. The creation of Israel by forcibly removing Palestinians has bred several wars in and upon itself.

When the USA leaves the Middle East, peace can be achieved.

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