Brian Colding is an amateur photographer, cinematographer, and actor from Detroit, Michigan. He has spent many years behind the camera, working with video shoots. Brian is currently a journalism student at Oakland University, and is learning more about his craft. The story below is his first photo-story, and the subject is Christophe Brown, an amateur bodybuilder from the Detroit area. Christophe predominantly body-builds, but he also occasionally power-lifts, practices martial arts, and trains for sports entertainment/wrestling. The purpose of this photo-story is to show people what Christophe does to train for his goals. Hopefully, it inspires others to get into gym and work towards their goals too


As a bonus, the second half of the story shows Christophe keeps up with his workout during the historic COVID-19 Pandemic. Perhaps this will give future researchers insight on what life was like for people duringCOVID-19.

Despite things looking down, Christophe keeps his head up. He sees the pandemic as no excuse to stop